About us

Long-haired German shepherd dogs are our passion. Our history with dogs breeding started like many others, as a result of many coincidences. Our decision was just to do what we always loved. We live in picturesque place, in the land of thousands lakes. It's little village Kruzy near Olsztyn, in one of the most beautiful region of Poland - Masurian Lakes District. Here our shepherds has perfect conditions and lot of space, which they love and need. We decided to name our breeding farm "Wenwadera". This name comes from our first beloved female Wena.

German Shepherd Dogs are characterized by courage, loyalty and devotion. They're very active and lively, and needs time for their activities everyday. Our purpose is to breed dogs with strong bone and correct topline (back), which have good temperament. German Shepherd Dogs character makes them good companion and protector, but also useful dog for work with cattle herds.

All our breeding males and females are free of dysplasia what is noticed in health certificate. Certificates are signed only by veterinary surgeons acknowledged by FCI. Our dogs grows Our dogs grows to a very large specimens, from 68 to 72cm at the shoulder.

We believe that dogs from our breeding farm would be great guard dogs and best friends for their new owners.

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